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Computer stuff

Computer games

Few computer games have long term appeal to me. These two are the exceptions. I've been playing them on and off for several years now.

StarCraft is still the best real-time strategy game in my opinion. Building from StarCraft The balance between the races, the challenging single-player levels, and the large amount of online games on at any given time all add to the fun. And of course the campaign editor, the results of which can be seen on the maps page.

My other favorite is Civilization II, which is simply the best turn-based strategy game ever (and since few people seem to be working on new ones, I don't expect that to change soon). Civ2 city image It's not just fighting, in fact, I am usually so focused on other objectives that military options seem out of the question: economy or espionage are far better weapons. The early gameplay is my favorite part of a good Civ2 game. Trying to get a decent kingdom running and carving out the land, while fending off the barbarians and those clumsy computer players.



I currently use MediaPortal with a SkyStar 2 card. Before I used GB-PVR and I've tried Mythbuntu.

Language tools

I started learning Modern Standard Arabic in 2003 and I've played a bit with translation scripts and other tools.

Web stuff

I'm one of those people who care about standards on the web.