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Terran Armory, building from StarCraft Here are some maps that I created for StarCraft™ (Brood War) melee games. None of them are symmetrical, but they are as fair as possible in terms of distances, resources etc. These maps may not be included in commercial packages. Please try giving credit to map authors where possible.

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Multiplayer maps

  • Obeysance II
    192x128 Jungle, 4 to 8 players (SC, BW).
  • Obituary II
    128x128 Jungle, 2 to 4 players (SC, BW).
  • Oblivion
    128x96 Desert, 2 to 4 players (BW only).
  • Obtrusion II
    128x128 Ice, 4 to 8 players (BW only).
  • Obnoxious
    128x128 Jungle, 2 to 8 players (SC, BW).
  • Objection
    128x128 Badlands, 2 to 4 players (BW only).
  • Obstacles
    192x192 Ice, 4 to 8 players (BW only).

Two-player maps

Zerg Overlord, unit from StarCraft