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about Fabuland

Fabuland is a range of sets produced by Lego between 1979 and 1989 and consists of a town populated with various animals.
At the moment, we have 25 of the 142 different Fabuland figures:

Albert Albatross [composite]Barty (Bertie) Bulldog [composite]Bonnie Rabbit / TillyClive CrocodileClara Cow / Coba (got her twice)Doctor Dog [composite]Edward ElephantErnie ElephantFreddy Fox (got him twice)Harry Horse [composite]Henry HorsePaulette PoodleUnnamed LionLisa Lamb / LoesjeLucy LambMajorie MouseMike Monkey [composite]Moe the MousePerry Panda / Dries [composite]Patrick PandaRicky Raccoon / BubbiePercy Pig / VarkoHugo HogPatricia Piglet [composite]Peter Pig / Kor [composite]
The cast: Albert Albatross, Barty (Bertie) Bulldog, Bonnie Rabbit, Clive Crocodile, Clara Cow, Doctor Dog, Edward Elephant, Ernie Elephant, Freddy Fox, Harry Horse, Paulette Poodle, Unnamed Lion, Lisa Lamb, Lucy Lamb, Majorie Mouse, Mike Monkey, Moe the Mouse, Perry Panda, Patrick Panda, Ricky Raccoon, Percy Pig, Hugo Hog, Patricia Piglet, and Peter Pig

Their names in Dutch: Bonnie Rabbit = Tilly, Clara Cow = Coba Koe, Lisa Lamb = Loesje, Perry Panda = Dries, Ricky Raccoon = Bubbie, Percy Pig = Varko, Peter Pig = Kor,
They all play important roles in the different scenes captured at random moments by the FabuCam.
Of course, I'm always on the lookout for additions to the team.

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