644: Double tanker

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how many wheels?

In April of 2003 I bought a box of second-hand Lego that contained a large number of (almost) complete late 60's and 70's sets: two big trucks (331 and 337), seven Legoland 'miniwheel' vehicles and one building (346, very nice).
One of the vehicles is the double tanker truck, 644, from 1971. But when I built it from the scans on Brickshelf, I noticed something strange: the number of wheels is not consistent on images of this set. The instructions and a Danish ad show 4 wheel bricks, but several other sources suggest that there should be 5...
Wheel placement The 644 on the cover of the instructions The 644 in the 1971 UK catalog The 644 in a 1971 Danish ad My 644, built from the instructions A 644 offered on eBay


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